The Rustic Barn Collection 

Set the stage for simple elegance with this finely weathered collection from the heart of Maine. Sun-soaked, rain-washed boards from a 200 year-old barn have been harvested for our Barn Collection. Every piece of these beautifully weathered, snag-free furnishings is custom-crafted for durability and subtle style. Choose them to reflect the simple grace that only time and nature can create.



Our Rustic Barn Collection offers a fantastic selection of wood bars, bar hutches, long tables, short tables, desert tables, tabletop barrels, seating benches, and a free-standing chalet outbuilding for your event needs.

Whether you want a subtle taste of rustic elegance or an extravagant barn soiree, the Rustic Barn Collection will make your next event extraordinary.


Barn Bar — 96"W x 28"D x 42"H

Birch BARN BAR — 96"W X 28"D X 42"H

Barn Bar Hutch — 60"W x 17"D x 84"H

Barn Wood Barrel — 

Barn Table — 92" x 40" (Heights: 30" or 42")

Barn Barrel Dessert Table —

Barn Table — 40" x 40" (Heights: 16", 30" or 42")




Customer Testimonials

Beautiful, unique, and timeless.

“Details has a barn collection which is a true testament to the thoughtfulness behind each item they offer. Barn tables are so popular right now but Details' are so unique and different than any others out there.”

— Sarah (Daises & Pearls)

They take the event to the next level.

“For example their rustic wood collection... sure, there are plenty of other people that could find you a farmhouse table, but Details' farm tables are made entirely of 200 year old wood from Maine.”

— Amber (Sweetest Things Weddings)

The best in class.

The wood farm tables are a great example of that... to be able to find something that unique and make it attainable is really incredible. Their attention to detail is unlike anyone else in the business.

— Jason (Happy Customer)


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