Details Dream Team Feature: Janai Schaefer

Janai Schaefer — Client Services, Manager of Details Event Staging:

Janai Schaefer, a Maine native, graduated from University of Maine Farmington in 2007 with a degree in education. She lives in Lyman, Maine with her husband of eight years, Kyle. Janai (is a certified Old Vines Wine Bar O.G.) joined the Old Vines team in 2010, where she quickly found her talent for customer service, organization, and fast-paced environments. It wasn't long before she added her talents to the Details Dream Team.

A self-professed people pleaser, Janai says she enjoys being a part of the wedding planning process. "It can be a stressful time," says Janai, "and I enjoy doing anything I can to alleviate the stress of our clients around their wedding." Janai and Details came together to achieve a common goal: helping brides and grooms achieve their wedding vision. ✨🎉