Barnwood & Driftwood: A Beach Wedding in Maine

We had so much fun working with Minka Flowers to create this masterpiece arbor!

The mission was to create a wedding arbor with a both rustic and coastal aesthetic for a local beach wedding here in Maine. We imagined that the contrast of authentic driftwood and barnwood with a wonderful floral design would be simply beautiful.

Here at Details Event Staging, we handcrafted the barnwood arbor with a creative design that doesn't show any metal hardware. Michelle Rose, florist and owner of Minka Flowers, completed the look with authentic driftwood and her amazing floral design. The clients were beyond excited with the final product. Honestly, though, I think we're even more thrilled to have this new design available for future events. The new wedding arbor compliments the rest of our barnwood furniture splendidly.

Our Rustic Barn Collection offers a fantastic selection of rental furniture: wood bars, bar hutches, long tables, square tables, dessert tables, barrel tables, seating benches, wedding arbor, and a free-standing chalet outbuilding.

"Set the stage for simple elegance with this finely weathered collection from the heart of Maine. Sun-soaked, rain-washed boards from a 200 year-old barn have been harvested for our Rustic Barn Collection. Every piece of these beautifully weathered, snag-free furnishings is custom-crafted for durability and subtle style. Choose them to reflect the simple grace that only time and nature can create."

Image provided by Fidelio Photography.

Frontier: A New Event Venue Inspired by Travel

Frontier is inspired by founder Michael Gilroy’s travels as an expedition leader around the world. Gilroy’s passion for connecting people with experiences that provoke a sense of discovery led to the creation of a special kind of meeting place reminiscent of a traveler’s crossroads – where stories, ideas and culture interact in a rich and dynamic environment. Frontier is a destination where people gather to explore food, film, music, art and ideas inspired by the world.


Frontier: Restaurant & Bar, Theater & Café, and Event Venue
Located at 14 Maine Street - Brunswick, ME

Learn more at their website -

All images provided by Nadra Photography.

The Wedding Report: United States Market Statistics (2017)

After reviewing survey results from over 10,500 weddings in 2017, The Wedding Report has finally released their newest market statistics. Although the United States' economy continues to strengthen, the average wedding cost in 2017 fell 3.6% from the previous year's average of $26,720 down to $25,764.

Interestingly, most of the well-established businesses in our local market continue to see an increase in spending as the economy improves. Since 2013, rental companies, event venues, food and beverage caterers, florists, and wedding planners have all seen a consistent up-trend in the market.

So, why aren't couples spending more on their special event?

Our initial theory is that people are simply spending their disposable income on different things than they used to. We noticed the largest decrease in spending in the jewelry category. Although the engagement ring cost remains consistent with the previous year, couples are not spending their disposable income on fine jewelry like they did in the past (ie. 2017 vs. 2016 Wedding Jewelry Costs: Bracelet -7.0%, Earrings -5.6%, and Necklace -7.0%). Consumers are more informed and price-conscious than ever which has created a steady down-trend in the jewelry industry. The immense online competition has made prices fall across the entire market.

Again, this is just our two cents and our experience in Maine's wedding and event market. The Wedding Report statistics are their own findings from surveys taken across the United States. We will post follow-up information and statistics on the local market as it becomes available.

All statistics were provided by The Wedding Report.
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Happy New Year!

Thank you all for a wonderful 2017! We are excited to begin a new year in the Details saga and are actively preparing for our next wedding and event season. Which, in fact, is the best thing about being a seasonal business. You're either in the busy season or already preparing for the next.

Behind the scenes during our "off-season", you'll find us polishing the crystal glassware, organizing the perpetual cascade of flatware, touching up the barn furniture with some fresh wood stain, and taking care of all the other preparations necessary for a smooth transition into the next busy season. We'll also be traveling to industry trade shows, expanding our inventory of curated rental products, and networking with other event professionals.

If you're interested in working with us in 2018, please contact us today. We would love to provide you with a set of our product catalog tiles and more information on our company.

Now, let's create something extraordinary!

Best Regards,
Samuel Searle

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