Owner & FOUNDER RicHARD Taranto

“Most people remember the things that are tactile—the food, the wine,” says Rick Taranto of Details Event Staging. “But it’s the environment that elevates the experience and creates something truly memorable. Hosting is like putting on a play. If you create the proper stage or set, the actors—food and wine—are able to show up and be the main event. The goal is for all elements of the event to blend together, creating a unified experience that feels good from top to bottom.”


“It's worth mentioning that he got into this business after his own wedding. Instead of looking around and seeing what other vendors had to offer, he looked around and saw what vendors didn't have to offer. He saw there was a need for this business. Instead of adding to an ever-crowded market, he enhanced it." – Rueben (Blue Elephant)

Details Event Staging
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